Trump asks Korea to ‘negotiate table’

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US President Donald Trump has called on North Korea to “sit in the negotiating table” to talk about the withdrawal of nuclear weapons.

But he also warned about the US’s strength to prevent any attacks. Said, the United States is ready to use military force if needed.

Earlier, he did not say much to the country’s doorstep that the trump had threatened to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program with the threat of ‘fire-rains of fire’ or ‘destruction of the whole country’.

Rather, the tune is somewhat soft, and Trump says he is praying to God not to force military force against North Korea.

Trump reached Japan from South Korea on Tuesday on a one-day tour.

Trump said at a press conference with South Korean President Seoul Zay-in in Seoul: “It will be wise for North Korea to get into negotiation table. Do the right thing for all the people of the world, not just North Korean people. ”

Although the US has deployed a lot of troops in the Korean Peninsula. Yet Trump said, “Hope in God, he will not use US forces against North Korea with me.”

Two leaders urged China and Russia again to pressure Pyongyang to stop the nuclear weapons project. South Korea will buy millions of dollars of military receipts from the United States, Trump said.

One day before Japan, he said the same thing. Said that Japan could destroy North Korean missiles in the sky by buying weapons from the United States.

Trump reached Japan on Sunday for 12 days in Asia. From there, South Korea is about to go to China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The ongoing crisis of North Korea’s nuclear weapons will be discussed seriously in the trip to Trump.


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